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High stone wall at the ruins of Fukui Castle madeof Shakudani stones (Fukui City)

Stones talk
three stories.


Relationship between stones and town planning of in recent times

A castle town in recent times utilizing stones and rivers

Shichirikabe in the city areaof Katsuyama (near Gisenji Temple)

Mt. Asuwa and Ichijodani, which are production areas of Shakudani stone, is approximately ten kilometers away as the crow flies. It is said that water-transport of the Asuwa river was made full use of to transport a large quantity of Shakudani stone. It is estimated that considerable labor was required.

In recent times, as the base of ruling Echizen province moved from Ichijodani to Kitanosho and Fukui, the range and scale of the use of Shakudani stone for developing the town, etc. expanded by making use of geographical advantage of proximity to Mt. Asuwa.

Since Shakudani stone is easy to process, it was used in large quantity as an important material for civil engineering and architecture such as stone walls supporting the castle wall, foundation stones for buildings, bridge piers, roof tiles of various shapes covering roofs, etc. and came to be utilized to support urban planning for constructing castle town.

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