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Terms of service

This website has collected pictorial images of sightseeing related to sights to see, nature, events, etc. of Fukui prefecture. We produced this website hoping to tell as many people as possible about the charm of Fukui rich in nature, history, and culture. Please utilize this website widely to advertise sightseeing of Fukui prefecture.

Cautions for utizing this website

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Please note that there are cases where downloading takes time when your network environment does not conform to system requirements or when you choose the material with a large file size.

About the size

When you browse photographic images, two kinds of images are available depending on your network environment and usage. Please choose the proper procedure.

Photo "S"

Photo "S" has 640×480 pixel. (This varies from photo to photo.) 72 dpi

Photo "L"

Photo "L" enables printing approximately up to A4 size. (This varies from photo to photo.) 300dpi

Terms of service

  1. This collection of materials shall not be used for any purpose other than sightseeing.
  2. Downloaded photo materials cannot be used for profit. For example, sale and/or lease of photo materials or production and/or sale of photo materials with marketability such as a collection of digital data, calendars, picture postcards, etc.
  3. It is prohibited to collect photos for a collection of materials, etc. for the purpose of distributing photos and also to distribute materials by attaching them to mailing list, mail magazine, etc. that send the same mail in large quantity.
  4. Copyright and licensing of published image data and character information shall be owned by Utilization and Promotion Council of Japan Heritage in Fukui and Katsuyama. Any violation of this rule shall be subject to prohibition of the use of said published image data and character information at any time.
  5. Utilization and Promotion Council of Japan Heritage in Fukui and Katsuyama shall not guarantee nor support any trouble arising from the use or downloading of image data provided by this site.